Saturday, June 22nd

     On Saturday June 22nd 10:00am (Day before Pentecost Sunday) we will celebrate a memorial liturgy for all of our deceased loved ones at the Plattsburgh Methodist Church. Please come and bring a list of your departed or email me  (Fr. Terenti) at  We will pray for your loved ones. If you plan on attending, bring a dish to share after the service. 

                                                                        May 18th, Saturday after St. Thomas Sunday 
                                                            On Saturday May 18th we celebrated a paschal Divine Liturgy. 
                                We had a festive fellowship and all are invited to the experience an Orthodox Divine Liturgy

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Lazarus Saturday April 27, 2024

On Lazarus Saturday, Archbishop Michael came to serve the liturgy for our community.  19 people from the Plattsburgh environs came.  We blessed Palm crosses and had a great fellowship afterwards.  Next gathering will be Saturday May 18th.

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Hierarchical Divine Liturgy

Saturday, April 27, 2024

10:00 am

All Are Welcome, Fellowship to Follow

Welcome to our Mission in Plattsburgh!

On April 30th 2022, we celebrated our first Divine Liturgy in Plattsburgh. Ten local Orthodox and guests celebrated Bright Saturday at the former Air Force Chapel Currently, we have a 16 people from the area who have expressed interest in our mission. These 16 people are from various cradle Orthodox backgrounds as Greek, Russian, Romanian as well as converts to the faith.

Our goal is to bring Orthodoxy to the north country. Currently, we have monthly services at the United Methodist Church, 127 Beekman St. The Methodist Church was very kind and willing to let us use their sanctuary for our services which are usually held on the last Saturday of the month.

We are seeking to expand our mission and to provide a haven for all those who wish to worship in the Orthodox faith. Our contact information is provided under the tab above. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Fr. Terenti Wasielewski

Divine Liturgy and to receive David Jones III into the Orthodox Church

Twenty people gathered at our monthly Divine Liturgy at the Plattsburgh United Methodist Church Saturday December 16th to enjoy the Divine Liturgy and to receive David Jones III into the Orthodox Church.  We are very happy that we have a strong loving community that is welcoming for all to worship Christ and His Church. 

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Divine Liturgy November 25, 2023

On November 25, our Mission gathered to celebrate the liturgy at the Plattsburgh United Methodist Church.  15 people enjoyed a great coffee hour afterwards and we discussed certain topics as website statistics, results of the survey regarding a name of a saint or feast for the mission, and finances especially that is now operational.  The group decided to resurvey the group with the top two contenders. Once we all have agreed upon a name we will present the name to the bishop for his approval.

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Divine Liturgy September 23, 2023

On Saturday, September 23, the conception of Saint John the Baptist peace day, 20 people from Plattsburgh and the environs came together to celebrate the Divine Liturgy.  We enjoyed the fellowship afterwards and discussed placing posters around town, our website statistics and the naming of the mission.  The next divine liturgy will be October 28.

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Hierarchal Divine Liturgy - August 19, 2023

On Saturday, August 19, 2023, Archbishop Michael came to serve the first ever Hierarchal Divine Liturgy for Plattsburgh ... 30 people attended--some from Saint Nicholas in Cohoes.  There was a question and answer period with the bishop while we ate an enjoyable meal with great fellowship.

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Divine Liturgy April 30, 2022

On April 30, 2022 we celebrated the first Divine Liturgy in Plattsburgh at the former Air Force base chapel.  10 people came together and following the service we went to a diner and discussed future plans for establishing a mission.

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